Monday, March 23, 2009

Oreo truffles

by Stephanie Reece
These little things are so tasty. Be careful though, they are very rich!

1 pkg. oreo cookies, finely crushed
1 8oz block of cream cheese
2 pkg (8 squares) semi-sweet chocolate melted

-Mix cookie crumbs and cream cheese together until well blended. Shape into 42 (1in) balls and place on wax lined baking sheets. Put in freezer of fridge to "firm" up.
Dip balled in melted chocolate; place on wax paper. Return to fridge for 1 hr or until firm. Store in tightly sealed container in fridge. For an added look, drizzle white chocolate on top.

**warning: this is really messy to make. Make sure NO ONE needs you when you are rolling the balls!**

1 comment:

  1. Yum! I've made them with white chocolate too for snowman poop!